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[software]Adrenaliner - http://www.adrenaliner.com
This program plays pop-up audio and video effects according to your settings.
Keywords: Adrenaliner; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Adrenaliner
Downloads: 75
[software]PentaSuite - http://www.pentaware.com
This program allows you to manage and deploy files within any Windows environment. PentaSuite offers file viewing, file conversion, CD burning, FTP file transfers including SSL, file encryption and file compression.
Keywords: PentaSuite; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; PentaSuite
Downloads: 20
[software]WinMover - http://www.eliasae.se/winmover/
This is an application for moving windows with the the mouse in Microsoft Windows. It is fully customizable and can mimic the behaviour of many window managers for UNIX and Linux. For example, if you hold down the Alt-key, you can move or resize a window by pressing and dragging the mouse button anywhere in the window. The window can optionally snap to the borders of the screen as you manipulate it.
Keywords: WinMover; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; WinMover
Downloads: 31
[software]FolderSizes - http://www.foldersizes.com/
This is a visual, interactive software tool to help you manage your disk space. It is a network-enabled disk space analysis tool that can isolate large, old, temporary, and duplicate files, or even show disk space usage by file type or owner. It also offers multiple export formats, command-line support and shell context menu integration.
Keywords: FolderSizes; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; FolderSizes
Downloads: 47
[software]GetDiz - http://www.outertech.com
This is a text-viewer especially designed for DIZ and NFO files included in ZIP archives. ASCII art is displayed correctly. The program supports printing.
Keywords: GetDiz; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; GetDiz
Downloads: 44
[software]OddsPlus - http://www.oddsplus.com
This software handles fixed-odds betting. It is primarily designed for doubles, trebles and fourfolds. It generates high-profit coupons with advanced optimization techniques.
Keywords: OddsPlus; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; OddsPlus
Downloads: 95
[software]AnyCount - http://www.anycount.com
This program produces automatic word counts and counts in other units including spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages and custom units. All common file formats are supported.
Keywords: AnyCount; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Any Count
Downloads: 84
[software]StarWind - http://www.rocketdivision.com/wind.html
Along with StarPort iSCSI initiator, this program allows you to export any local CD and DVD burners to network users. You can also export local tape drives for backup and restore on the client machine. You can redirect virtual hard drives over the network, export whole server storage subsystems and work with the dynamic volume snapshots.
Keywords: StarWind; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; StarWind
Downloads: 117
[software]TqcRunas - http://www.quimeras.com/products/products.asp
This program allows you to execute runas commands from strongly encrypted files where all the needed specifications are stored. TqcRunas provides a document oriented interface. It allows you to use the current logged on user's registry profile in the executed application. Mapped drives and printers in the current logged on user session will be automatically mapped and available in the executed program...
Keywords: TqcRunas; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; TqcRunas
Downloads: 149
[software]HAL - http://www.davidhenryco.com
This is an Artificial Intelligence Limited program. It can speak in a normal voice and respond to over 45 voice commands from the user. HAL can perform many common computer tasks, display PC system information and read any text for the user. HAL can also start an e-mail message, create a reminder and access the Web. It also has A.I.L. help for all areas of the program. It includes the HAL Speech Recognition Package, MS Media Player interface and Daily Reminder.
Keywords: HAL; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; HAL
Downloads: 203
[software]WinHide - http://pwp.netcabo.pt/zcsantos/products.htm
This program can hide your working programs and windows. Hidden programs are not displayed in the task bar, in Ctrl-Alt-Del list or in task manager, and they cannot be activated pressing Alt+Tab. You can hide and restore programs using keyboard shortcuts, the WinHide System Tray menu or the WinHide window.
Keywords: WinHide; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; WinHide
Downloads: 112
[software]Disktest PRO - http://tealtech.8m.com
This is a program to analyze, repair or modify 3.5" double-sided high density floppy disks. You can test floppy disks, search for bad sectors, repair bad sectors, format, quick format, recover data on bad sectors, make backups, mark/unmark bad sectors, erase data without using files, test floppy disk speed on reading.
Keywords: Disktest PRO; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Disktest PRO
Downloads: 169
[software]nm_videomeasure - http://www.netzmedien.de/nm_videomeasure
This is a Computer Based Laboratory (CBL) system that lets you acquire kinematic data of a moving object by only using a standard PC and a Wweb cam (or any other video capture device). It can be used in physics teaching and learning to analyze the motion of a suitable object in real time. Simply plug a Web cam into your PC, click on the object you want to track and start data logging by clicking on one button...
Keywords: nm_videomeasure; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; nm_videomeasure
Downloads: 54
[software]Innovatools ComputerWatermark - http://www.innovatools.com/products/computerwatermark/index.htm
This program helps you recover your computer in case it gets stolen, or makes sure you have a proof in any dispute over the ownership of your computer or disks. It writes your name and address (or any other information) on the entire free surface of your disk drives. Anyone (e.g. the police or other law enforcement personnel) can see this information using any simple disk editor, unerase program or forensic tools.
Keywords: Innovatools ComputerWatermark; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Innovatools ComputerWatermark
Downloads: 66
[software]NuClass7 - http://www-ee.uta.edu/EEweb/ip/Software/Software.htm
This is a program for development and application of classification type networks including the multilayer perceptron, functional link network, piecewise linear network, nearest neighbor classifier, self organizing map and K-Means clustering. C source code for applying trained networks is provided, so users can use networks in their own applications. User-supplied TXT format training data files, containing rows of numbers, can be of any size...
Keywords: NuClass7; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; NuClass7
Downloads: 29
[software]Close All Windows - http://www.kratronic.com/tools/window-closer/
This program automatically closes all open windows and programs. It supports hotkeys. It also includes a clipboard cleaning tool. You can also create a list of programs and windows that you do not want closed.
Keywords: Close All Windows; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Close All Windows
Downloads: 56
[software]Shared Serial Ports - http://www.eltima.com/products/serialshare/
This utility lets you share real serial ports between applications so that all applications will receive same data from the port simultaneously. This virtual serial port emulator can create virtual serial ports. All virtual COM ports will be able to send data to real serial port. The program allows you to set permissions to read, write or change control lines state for every application separately.
Keywords: Shared Serial Ports; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Shared Serial Ports
Downloads: 27
[software]80:20 QuickTools - http://www.8020systems.biz/8020_page.asp?mid=10
QuickLoader This is a program to launch your favorite applications and documents from a mnemonic text shortcut. It keeps your desktop clear of shortcuts, and you no longer have to search through the start menu. Project mappings allow you to load multiple documents and applications from a single shortcut. QuickWeb Search and launch IE Web favorites from text shortcuts. QuickTask Keep a selection of tasks visible on your desktop all the time...
Keywords: 80:20 QuickTools; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; 80:20 QuickTools
Downloads: 34
[software]Network Serial Port Kit - http://www.network-serial-port.com
This program allows you to connect data collection serial devices -- bar code scanners, modems, sensors, gages, RF equipment, telephone PBX systems, laboratory or industrial instruments -- to the serial ports of your computer. The program creates up to 254 virtual serial ports at a time. Physical COM ports located on remote computer can be connected to a host computer over the network as well.
Keywords: Network Serial Port Kit; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Network Serial Port Kit
Downloads: 76
[software]Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP - http://www.virtualserialport.com/products/vspdxp/
This program creates two pure virtual serial ports on your system, which are virtually connected to each other. For other Windows applications, virtual ports will be seen exactly as two real serial ports connected by null-modem cable. You can select any port numbers for the virtual pair.
Keywords: Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Virtual Serial Ports
Downloads: 70
[software]Path Lister - http://www.xpertsolutions.ro
This program lets you view a customizable listing of the contents for any folder on your computer. You can save the folder listing as TXT or PDF file. The Path Lister listing can be saved as a file that can be imported into most popular spreadsheets and database applications. Path Lister can also process information contained within a folder's subfolders. You can customize your listing, including font style and size...
Keywords: Path Lister; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; pathlister; path lister
Downloads: 29
[software]Priority Shortcut Builder - http://www.bigbytetech.ca/PriorityShortcutBuilder.aspx
This program creates shortcuts that can be saved anywhere. These shortcuts actually point to an application launcher that resides in the install folder and does the loading of your application while setting priorities.
Keywords: Priority Shortcut Builder; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Priority Shortcut Builder
Downloads: 67
[software]Tech-Pro Utilities - http://www.tech-pro.net/
This collection contains 12 of the most popular Tech-Pro utilities in a single package. The collection includes Tech-Pro Menu and the downloader that lets you check for new and updated utilities. You also get Textpad, Sticky Notes, Calendar, Safe, Tech-Pro Zip, Clock Sync and several others.
Keywords: Tech-Pro Utilities; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Tech-Pro Utilities
Downloads: 67
[software]Hoo WinTail - http://www.hootech.com/WinTail/
This is a real time file viewing Windows utility like the Unix tail-f utility. It can be used to view the end of a growing file. You can also view application traces or server logs in real time, as they are generated, and view the last part of a large file without the need to load the entire file. It makes no changes to the file that is opened. As new lines are written to the file by another program Hoo WinTail reads the new lines and displays them...
Keywords: Hoo WinTail; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Hoo WinTail
Downloads: 27
[software]Shell101 - http://www.utopicresults.com/shell.htm
This is an application shell for links and shortcuts the administrator defines within the admin interface. The administrator can then associate the links and shortcuts with group memberships or usernames to be displayed within the client interface for the corresponding users group memberships or username. The program is intended to run as an application shell in a thin client environment or as an application shell in a desktop environment.
Keywords: Shell101; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Shell101 Beta
Downloads: 28
[software]KillProcess - http://home.swipnet.se/killprocess/
This application can terminate any Windows process with the click of a button. It can also prevent unwanted processes from ever executing by scanning the active process list for unwanted processes and terminating them on sight.
Keywords: KillProcess; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; kill process; killprocess
Downloads: 74
[software]Really Random Numbers - http://www.sunny-beach.net/random_numbers
This program uses a real time number generation process based on the white noise in energy from the PC's sound card. The result is random data that passes virtually all statistical tests of randomness. Random data is buffered for delivery to other applications via an API and can also be written to file. Sample applications and code are included for Visual Basic, VBA, Visual C++ and Microsoft Excel...
Keywords: Really Random Numbers; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Really Random Numbers
Downloads: 77
[software]ShadowUser Pro - http://www.shadowstor.com
This program captures a snapshot of your system volumes and runs an exact duplicate of your server or PC in a virtual state. This virtual state, called ShadowMode, allows the user to use the server or PC as normal, but without actually writing to disk. If system changes and folder or files changes occur during a ShadowMode session, then these changes can be automatically or manually committed to disk or discarded...
Keywords: ShadowUser Pro; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; ShadowUser Pro
Downloads: 97
[software]Meedio HouseBot - http://www.meedio.com
This home automation controller uses "software remotes" to interact with the system from other Windows, Windows CE, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile devices. The system includes native support for many hardware interfaces including X10, RS/232, modem, USB and software devices.
Keywords: Meedio HouseBot; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Meedio HouseBot
Downloads: 466
[software]Universal Sex Wheel - http://sexwheel.net/
This is an adult novelty item, sex cycle calculator and love horoscope, which tells you when you, or your partner are particularly interested in love, sex, passion and intimacy. Note: By viewing and trying the Universal Sex Wheel, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age, or of legal age to read this type of content in the community in which you reside.
Keywords: Universal Sex Wheel; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Universal Sex Wheel
Downloads: 1,875
[software]ELTIMA Serial Splitter - http://www.eltima.com/ssplit/index.php
This is an advanced Win32 application based on Windows NT kernel drivers technology that allows you to share a single serial port between several applications. It is achieved by creating virtual serial ports, which appear as copies of the real one. Each application will function as if it is working with the serial port in exclusive mode. It can have up to 255 virtual ports.
Keywords: ELTIMA Serial Splitter; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; GPS; ELTIMA Serial Splitter
Downloads: 53
[software]MaxLister - http://www.acc.umu.se/~max/
MaxLister creates lists of any directory you specify and save it in one of four ways. Files can be saved in MXL, collapsed text, folders only text, and folders and files text format. MaxLister also includes tabs for quick access to browsing, searching, saving and more.
Keywords: MaxLister; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; maxlister; max lister
Downloads: 210
[software]MDR Applications Bundle - http://www.geocities.com/mdrapps/mdrapps/default.htm
This download is a group of 5 individual applications packaged together into one product group. The applications include a music player, a picture slide show viewer, a file renaming utility, a video clip player and a file attribute program.
Keywords: MDR Applications Bundle; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; MDR Applications Bundle
Downloads: 533
[software]SuperTerm Communicator - http://home.metroweb.co.za/~dirkm/superterm.htm
This serial port utility allows you to use your PC's serial port for arbitrary transmission, reception and testing. You can also opt to link to a network socket. The program provides the ability to link two serial ports together, and it supports highlighting of received keywords, login scripts, general script execution and time stamping.
Keywords: SuperTerm Communicator; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; SuperTerm Communicator
Downloads: 661
[software]TransMac - http://www.acutesystems.com
Use this program to copy files to and from Macintosh disks using a Windows computer. Most disk types are supported, including high-density diskettes, CD-ROMs, USB, Firewire, hard drives and most removable media. TransMac provides automatic file type mapping, HFS+ read support, the ability to search disk by type, creator or extension, the ability to read Mac multi-session CDs, and the ability to read and write disk images for backup or duplication...
Keywords: TransMac; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; TransMac; Trans Mac
Downloads: 126
[software]single-step - http://www.single-step.com
This software will walk you through the goal-setting process one step at a time to help you define what you want out of life. It will help you learn to motivate yourself by identifying what is important to you. It starts by asking you to describe yourself as you currently see yourself. It then fixes this image as a starting point for your personal growth. This starting point is then used to help you define goals for yourself and set reasonable timelines for these goals...
Keywords: single-step; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; single-step motivational
Downloads: 56
[software]JR Screen Ruler - http://www.spadixbd.com/freetools
JR Screen Ruler is designed to give you an accurate measurement of your desktop in several different units, including pixels, inches, centimeters and picas. There is a little bar that you slide back and forth to extend and retract the ruler. If you right-click on the ruler, you will have several options for taking accurate desktop measurements. For such a simple utility, this program is great.
Keywords: JR Screen Ruler; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; JR Screen Ruler; screenruler; jr ruler; jrscreenruler
Downloads: 52
[software]Quick View Plus - http://www.avantstar.com/solutions/quick_view_plus/default.aspx
This program provides access information created in over 225 Windows, Macintosh, Internet and DOS formats without the need for native applications. You can view, copy and print files. This version supports Office XP applications as well as Visio and integrates with browsers and e-mail programs, such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. It also includes a built-in ZIP program to view and create ZIP files.
Keywords: Quick View Plus; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Quick View Plus 7; quick; view; plus; 7
Downloads: 153
[software]12Ghosts SuperGee - http://12Ghosts.com/
This program provides 30 time-saving tools for your computer. One powers off your computer with a single click, and another enhances your taskbar clock with the date, time zones and formatting. A backup program copies several versions of your documents. There is also a scheduler, a clean-up tool and a file shredder.
Keywords: 12Ghosts SuperGee; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; 12; ghosts; supergee; super; gee; 12gee
Downloads: 89
[software]RS232 Hex Com Tool - http://www.rs232pro.com/
This software terminal program can communicate with RS232 peripherals. Setup data can be saved for multiple peripherals and retrieved for each individual device. The program can also open the correct port if the port was open when the original data was saved. Peripherals include modems, digital meters, oscilloscopes, motor controllers, data acquisition, USB/RS232 hubs and embedded RS232 devices. It includes an echo feature, higher standard and custom baud rates, logging options, repeat transmit ...
Keywords: RS232 Hex Com Tool; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; RS232 Hex Com Tool
Downloads: 740
[software]Mobile Net Switch - http://www.MobileNetSwitch.com
This program lets you automatically select the correct drive mappings, printer settings, proxy server and IP settings on a network. All changes are made immediately and no reboot is required.
Downloads: 47
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